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Join us and get to know us

So Much More Than Just a Night Out

Back in the day, the tradition of drinking and eating establishments were to foster community and connect people across generations. Well Cawthorne Club does just that.


We pride ourselves in our community involvement. We've created a venue that offers something for all ages, including live sport, a snooker table and a place to relax and socialise with friends and family.


Our lovely new stylish, spacious interior, makes the club one of the best in Yorkshire.  Everyone's welcome and our aim is to create a warm, casual and friendly atmosphere.

You can book any kind of event or party, including: birthdays, retirement, christenings, weddings and wakes and take advantage of the specials rates and sensible prices we offer.



A little bit of history

The Club, aka, the Tivy Dale Club, Bottom Club, BC or Cawthorne Gentlemens Club began trading on 1st July 1943. It was housed originally in the old wooden hut, a former workman's cabin, brought to Cawthorne from Dunford Bridge in the 1930's to serve as a Club House for the Golf Club which existed in Cawthorne at that time.


With the outbreak of war in 1939 however, the golf course was ploughed up and the Golf Club ceased to function though it still owned the old hut. Initially renting the hut from the Golf Club, Cawthorne Club made a move to purchase the premises in 1947. Membership of the Club was first restricted to men living in Cawthorne Parish and to officers billeted in the military camp which had then been erected in the Park.


In 1950, membership was extended to men living outside the Parish and in 1953, junior membership for males between 16 and 18 was inaugurated. A proposition to form a ladies section in 1951 fell through because of lack of interest, not surprisingly perhaps since a ruling by the all-male committee stated that it should be 'empowered to terminate the ladies section' should the conduct of the ladies be considered undesirable!! The ladies had to wait until the 1990's before being allowed membership, with the first lady members being elected onto the committee in 2005.


Throughout its history the Club has been hired by various organisations including the WI, British Legion, Football/Cricket Clubs with part of it used as a child welfare clinic in the 1940's, but for most of its time, the Club has been a predominantly male preserve where snooker, darts, cards, and dominoes could be played and a drink enjoyed.


With the opening of the new premises in 1994 and the introduction of lady members shortly after, the ethos of the Club began to change and in addition to traditional pastimes, a more varied programme of entertainments has been introduced to cater for a wider audience. Recent years have seen successful events such as Ascot Day, Race Nights, quizzes, live music evenings, with a promise of much more to come. Plans are also going ahead to provide a safer play area for children and seating for adults in the wooded area beyond the brook.


The Club is now very much part of the local community, hosting events such as the Easter Bunny Hunt, Kids Halloween and Christmas Parties and is the perfect place to meet with friends and neighbours.


Come and join us.

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